Mission Vision Values

  • Mission Vision Values

Mission Vision Values


The Shreiber School of Veterinary Medicine will shape the future of veterinary medicine and animal healthcare in keeping with Rowan University’s strategic pillars of Access, Affordability, Quality, and Economic Engine. Our innovative curriculum, exceptional veterinary care, compassionate community service, and commitment to research will ensure our graduates are prepared to serve society and meet the challenges in veterinary medicine now and in the future.

Our mission will be achieved by:

  • Pioneering discovery of new knowledge in basic and applied sciences to address regional, national, and global concerns in human and animal health.
  • Utilizing an innovative clinical curriculum that combines experiential learning in a university teaching hospital with clinical partnerships to ensure clinically competent and well-rounded veterinary graduates.
  • Collaborating with partners in the Rowan community, industry, and government veterinary institutions to broaden the lens of education in veterinary medicine, preparing our graduates to serve society in a multitude of roles.
  • Expanding the availability of veterinary care to underserved communities in the region and graduating compassionate and culturally aware veterinarians to be the leaders of tomorrow in community service and engagement.


By innovating the model of veterinary medical education and offering the first Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in New Jersey, the Shreiber School of Veterinary Medicine will provide innovative programs to train veterinarians, pioneer research, and discover new knowledge in basic and applied sciences while maintaining a strong commitment to specialized veterinary medical care and service. 


Our core values include a commitment to diversity and inclusion, equity, mentorship, professionalism, animal advocacy, wellness, and collaboration in the advancement of veterinary medicine. Our values in the Shreiber School of Veterinary Medicine include:

  • Excellence
  • Diversity in People and Ideas
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Innovation
  • Personal Accountability
  • Transparency and Trust