Large Animal Field Service

Large Animal Field Service

Large Animal Field Service

Veterinary Care for Livestock and Backyard Pets is Important

All large animals including horses, cows, alpacas, sheep, goats, and pigs should be seen by a veterinarian at least once a year whether they are production animals or backyard pets. This preventative care can help catch subtle changes before they become a problem. These visits also help establish a veterinary-client-patient relationship that makes access to care in an emergency situation that much easier.


The Large Animal Field Service Coming this Fall

A comprehensive Large Animal Field Service will launch by the end of 2023. This team of veterinarians will prepare more students to enter the field of large animal medicine while also providing high quality clinical care for the animals right here in South Jersey. The service will be available within a thirty mile radius of the Glassboro campus, which covers parts of Atlantic, Burlington, and Cape May counties, as well as all of Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties.


Students that come through our program will get the chance to see and learn about large animals from horses to livestock, which will facilitate the entry of more large animal veterinarians into the profession. This will help fulfill a strong need in rural communities in our area.  


To get your name on our contact list so we can schedule with you as soon as we're ready, call 833-888-5760.


We Look Forward to Serving You

Horses and livestock in this part of the state need everything from general care to emergencies and internal medicine. We will be here to become a part of your large animal’s care team. We will announce when we're available for you to call and book your appointment.


Learn More about the Large Animal Field Service

Equine veterinarian, Dr. Samantha Frable, discusses the new Large Animal Field Service in this brief video.